Your MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena

Dear Constituent,

I’m proud to represent the people of Vancouver-Quilchena. I thank my constituents for putting their trust in me by electing me to this assembly. The constituents of Vancouver-Quilchena expect this government to do a very important task: to make sure that their hard-earned tax dollars are invested in the programs and the public services that matter to British Columbians.

I was delighted to be appointed as Minister of Advanced Education by Premier Clark in December 2014 – it has proven to be a fascinating role.

It has been a busy year in government here in British Columbia, with the May 2013 election confirming that responsible economic development is the path of choice to a secure tomorrow.

Our province is growing through a transformation of our economy, as advanced technological solutions and made-in-BC ideas are applied to every sector of the economy, whether it is forestry, education, mining, health or the burgeoning LNG opportunities in northern BC. This forward looking investment will lead us to new levels of prosperity and opportunity for the coming generations, and greatly assist in protecting our environment and improving our critical public services.


Andrew Wilkinson

MLA Vancouver – Quilchena

Speech from the Throne

Throne 2015

The government’s Speech From the Throne outlined B.C.’s agenda to create jobs and opportunity throughout British Columbia – growing a diverse economy to fund vital public services. Learn more.

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